Charbroiled Pork Dish at Pho Xe Lua

For today’s featured meal of the day, the family and I went out for lunch on this lovely rainy day. The sky is covered in grey clouds with little hints of blue.

Now the name of this place may lead you to think that we went here for the soup called pho. But that is not the case. We arrived, ordered, and waited for our pork dishes. While they indulged their stomachs with charbroiled pork chops, I prefer mine pre-cut with some extra food on the side. The #40 dish comes with a sauce, soup, rice, salad, shrimp, egg roll, and the delicious choice of pork, beef, or chicken. I chose, you guessed it, pork!

I think I’m not alone when I say I eat my rice in my soup. I used to dunk the meat in the sauce and the soup. Later on in my adult years, I started adding rice to the soup. There is no right or wrong way to eat this dish, but in the end, I was happy and so was the family.

This dish is not unique or special. Other Asian restaurants also have a similar dish on the menu. I like this place because of how good the food tastes and they have a claw machine (I also love claw machines) and those toy/stickers vending slots. So while you’re waiting to get seated, or waiting for your meal, or on your way out, or if you have kids with you, it’s a great spot to have fun and attempt to win a prize!

Enjoy! xoxo, Mimi

So the Journey begins…

..begins with a new year, new attitude, and a whole new you. Funny thing is that nothing has changed except that we all grew another second older.

Let’s begin with a little bit about myself. I love food and how simple food can turn your day right side up. I love photography and the idea of capturing a moment in time and savoring it forever and ever. I hope to learn, eat good food, be happy, and share this journey with the world.

Enjoy! xoxo, Mimi